Knight Watch Course


Learn directly from Cal Knight, my first student to cross $100k in profit. Cal’s unique approach to watch trading has helped him go from $1500 to $100k in just 5 months. Inside his course, you'll learn Cal’s advanced negotiation (scripts included) and client building strategies that have allowed him to sell watches faster, get repeat clients, and develop a world class network in record time.

What You'll Learn:

10 hours of step-by-step video training covering Cal’s unique watch trading system that helped him make $100k in 5 months.

Get access to 60+ personal case studies directly from Cal.

How to transition from someone just dabbling in watch trading making a couple hundred bucks per month to becoming a professional full-time watch trader.

Cal’s dangerously effective “Value Add” negotiation strategy that makes negotiating with buyers and sellers a breeze.

How to effortlessly develop long-lasting relationships with your clients so you become their “go-to” when it comes to buying and selling watches.

Downloadable pricing guides and cheat sheets so you know exactly how much to buy a watch for without losing money.

Cal’s simple “CRM” that lets him easily keep track of and manage hundreds of clients without feeling overwhelmed.

The privilege to communicate with Cal directly in his exclusive Facebook group. (See terms and conditions )

How to leverage cheap virtual assistants to help you scale the buying process so you’re not locked to your computer 24/7 messaging people.

The simple math formulas Cal uses to quickly figure out whether or not he should pull the trigger on a watch (This takes literally less than 60 seconds to do).

Sneaky photography tricks that let you take “pro-level” photos of your watches on a shoestring budget that will 10x the amount of eyeballs on your listings and sell your watches in 24 hours or less.

The secrets to manipulating the Ebay algorithm so you show up at the top of the search results. More people who see your listing = more money.

And much much more...

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All sales are final. "Buyer's Remorse" does not qualify for a refund. Any questions or concerns please contact support at or (800) 210-5077 and we'll be happy to help you.

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